What Your Marketing Videos Say About You

What Your Marketing Videos Say About You

Just as your articles establish you as an expert authority, so should your marketing videos do an equivalent job. to try to to this, you would like to consistently bring your viewers:

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• Reliable facts and knowledge

• Solutions, instead of simply just products

• Information that grants an excellent benefit: E.G. showing them the way to economize , perform a task far more easily, actually use your product, learn a replacement skill

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It doesn’t matter what format your video follows – whether it’s instructional, funny, a “talking head” video, a skit with multiple actors – that’s just the tactic of delivery. To be perceived as valuable, it must include solutions, benefits and facts your viewer can use.

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Once you’ve made sure your video does indeed meet this criteria, it’s time to feature the second ingredient to your “success” mix…

And that is “Promotion”.

There are several ways you’ll increase your views.

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1. Invite comments from right within your video. If you’ve uploaded it to a site like YouTube, you actually want those comments and backlinks to related videos coming in! Directly inviting comments with a call to action may be a much overlooked technique.

2. Create a buzz on your social networks. This goes without saying, of course; but push it one step further by asking your friends and contacts to market it too. (You’d be surprised how often this easy step is missed!) pack up your Twitter tweet with “Plz RT” (“please re-tweet”). Ask your friends on Facebook to Stumble or Digg it. Use the “Share” feature on YouTube (have an inventory handy!) once you first upload your video.

3. Consider your viewers. Create both hi-fidelity and low-fidelity versions, to accommodate viewers with all kinds of kit . means that both versions are available altogether your promotional efforts – many viewers on dial-up who might ordinarily ignore all video announcements will actually inspect videos, if someone points out they’re (a) short (b) available in “low res” also as “high”.

4. Include a trailer. presumably , your video was made to direct people to your website. allow them to know who you’re , what you’re known for and where they will reach you. Don’t assume that just having the URL appear for 2 seconds at the top of your video goes to try to to all the work. A trailer makes your video efforts look professional and focused.

5. Leave a link to your site beside your video, also as in it! Links within videos aren’t searchable: Links in YouTube’s text areas are definitely searchable.

6. Create a strong title. Remember that your viewers are going to be searching by keyphrase. they’ll not know they’re using keywords, but this is often what is going to either mention your video as a suggestion for them to look at – or not. Use Wordtracker’s keyword tool, to urge a thought of what they’re checking out .

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Keeping the following pointers in mind will help your videos deliver the foremost important message of all: That you’re an expert and professional who knows what you’re doing – and knows exactly the way to help.

Using YouTube for Video Marketing Research

You’ve invested tons of your time in learning the way to perform video marketing successfully: However, there’s one area many marketers don’t fully explore – which is using YouTube to conduct your own video market research . Properly done, YouTube video market research can assist you decide beforehand whether or not a product is worth creating – before you ever invest a dime!

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Do some keyword research to seek out out what people are trying to find , then make a brief “throwaway” video on one element of your proposed product subject, just to ascertain what proportion response you’re getting to get – and which market segment you would like to narrow and focus that product towards, so as to truly get customers that want to pay .

And this is often where WordTracker’s keyword research tool really comes into its own…

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You see, normally, when marketers do keyword research, they need a solid idea of which long-tailed keywords to use. (For those new marketing, a “long-tailed keyword” is really a phrase.

However, WordTracker’s keyword research tool is great if you’re beginning with an easy , generic keyword like “cat”, because it can suggest actual long-tailed phrases for you to figure with. (No pun intended!)

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(Note: you’ll want long-tailed phrases of a minimum of three words or more!)

Here’s just a sampling :

Cats illness symptoms
Biggest cat within the world
Homemade cat repellent
Funny cat pictures
How to draw a cat
Homemade cat chow recipes
Make your own natural cat repellent
What is wrong with my cat
Make your own cat chow
Fattest cat within the world
How to make a cat scratcher

What you’d then do is try a number of these phrases in Google as an enquiry parameter, in quotes. you would like quite 5,000 searches and fewer than 150,000, so as to seek out a viable phrase to figure with.

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In our example, “Make your own Natural Cat Repellent” garnered 6,260 searches – with most of those results dealing equally with (a) keeping cats out of unwanted areas of your home .

Let’s say you’ve looked for “cats” because you’re a breeder or veterinary assistant. (In other words, you’ve got expertise within the area looked for .)

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You can then quickly make a brief video, using the key phrase above, to perform marketing research , so as to seek out out exactly what’s the  button, when it involves cat repellents. Is it keeping cats safe? Solving behavioral issues? lowering on destructive habits?

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What is the one aspect of cat repellent products that folks are desperate for?

Start your marketing videos

Ask your viewers, right in your video. Invite them to go away comments. And don’t forget to invite others to your video from social marketing sites.

By the time you create your final product – you’ve set yourself up to sell a winner!

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